Brampton EcoAction Challenge

Ride a bike to destinations in your neighbourhood. Shop, dine, errands, commute — all by bike. Be active with your family year-round. Meet new friends. Become healthier. Enjoy nature. Help reduce traffic congestion. Reduce your carbon footprint.

BikeBrampton has partnered with PCHS to offer Bike Mechanics training (BikeWrx) and Bike Mentorship (Pedalwise), and with The Bikeport by Kevin Montgomery for collection of data. Open to Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon residents 16 years of age and up! Help us to gather data, Powered by Strava!

You must connect with Strava to allow data collection and to participate in the incentive contest.

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EcoAction Community Funding Program

Canada’s EcoAction Community Funding to Canada Bikes, is being shared amongst Brampton, Halifax, Montreal and Edmonton to support: "If You Build It, They Will Come; Increasing Cycling, Decreasing Emissions".

Government of Canada Environment and Climate Change created EcoAction Community Funding Program to fund projects across Canada to encourage Canadians to take action to address clean air, clean water, climate change and nature issues, and to build the capacity of communities to sustain these activities into the future.

Program Environmental Rational

A Peel Region 2012 Transportation Study found that more than 900,000 daily commuter trips are taken in the Region with a distance of 7Km or less. 81% of these trips are taken by car; only 9% use active transportation. These short-range car trips consume the equivalent of 9 tanker trucks of gasoline and produce 450,000kg of CO2 emissions each day. Converting even a small percentage of these car trips to active transportation would have a positive environmental impact while reducing traffic congestion and improving the health of our community.

Total CO/2 saved uses the emissions of a 2017 Ford F-Series 150 as a benchmark. Ford F-Series were the top selling automobile in Canada in 2017.
See The Bikeport's "Environmental Benefits, The State of Cycling"

Canada Bikes

Based in Ottawa, not-for-profit Canada Bikes is the only national organization in Canada dedicated to encouraging commuter, recreational and tourism cycling for all ages, abilities and populations. Through a highly active, representative volunteer board of directors, Canada Bikes engages with provincial/territorial and local volunteer cycling organisations, as well as Indigenous groups, to provide support, leadership, materials, training and best practices as well as networking and mentorship opportunities. Canada Bikes also works with other national stakeholders and partners to make Canada a Cycling Nation. Through our international network, we bring best practices to Canada, to support a significant mode shift to greener, healthier forms of active transportation, thereby contributing to a healthier environment and population.